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  • After my Achilles tendon injury I was able to play soccer again after 9 months! Read More
    Javier Di Fiori-New York, NY
  • Being treated by Dr. Levine has been, by far, the single best thing that has happened to me since I Read More
    Rodrigo Hernandez-Springfield, NJ
  • I came across Dr Levine's name after hearing that he had done similar surgeries in the past. Knowing that he Read More
    Hugh Jessiman-New York, NY
  • Dr. Levine and his staff, are phenomenal. Everything from costs to recovery time were thoroughly explained to me. Dr. Levine Read More
    Cristi Stiers-Philadelphia, PA
  • I knew immediately after meeting with him that I had made the best decision coming to this hospital and that Read More
    Michael Gilligan-Bronxville, NY
  • In October of 2014, I had surgery on the bunion on my left foot. Dr. Levine did an amazing job Read More
    Christine-Greenwich, CT
  • I fell down the stairs and broke my tibia and fibula. Thanks to Dr. Levine and his team, I have Read More
    Ilana - New York, NY
  • After getting hit by a car there were complications with the blood flow to my foot. Today, I play basketball Read More
    Caitlyn - Wantagh, NY
  • When it was my turn to meet Dr. Levine, he put me at ease right away. He is the type Read More
    Susan Madison, CT
  • Dr. Levine came highly recommended to us and got me back to the game of life. I am now ranked Read More
    Jon - Armonk, NY
  • That summer, Dr. Levine and his staff cared for Jayson, who defied the odds, stood and walked in seven weeks. Read More
    Jayson Thompson - Montclair, NJ
  • Luckily, we found Dr. Levine, who made me feel confident and assured me that my leg would be fixed. At Read More
    Daniel - Irvington, NY
  • I had surgery in late April, and Dr. Levine replaced the broken tendon with one from my hamstring. My new Read More
    Steven - Irvington, NY
  • With the unrelenting support of my family and friends, and thanks to Dr. Levine and HSS, my heel is mostly Read More
    George - New York, NY
  • I had a terrible break in my right ankle, and Dr. Levine was able to see me immediately (called for Read More
    Girish - New York, NY
  • In one short visit, he told me I had something called cavo-varus foot deformity. I had surgery on both feet, Read More
    Amy - New York, NY
  • Pain free and on the move! Talonavicular fusion (December, 2014). I thought that the level of service from Dr. Levine Read More
    Anat - Falmouth, ME
  • He was very informative and spent a lot of time with me. The end result, I don’t need surgery at Read More
    Paul - Fairfield, CT
  • The double bunion surgery was in July, and after 5-6 months of therapy, I felt fully recovered. I am happy Read More
    Teresa - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • I broke my ankle and tore a ligament skiing in late February. I was referred to Dr. Levine by a Read More
    Liz - New York, NY
  • After my first surgery with Dr. Levine, only three months after the accident, I was walking around again and back Read More
    Juliana - New York, NY
  • Dr. David Levine was very thorough on what to expect from the onset and laid out all the possible options Read More
    Christopher - Budd Lake, NJ
  • I fell down 2 stairs and shattered my heel. After going to a local hospital, I was recommended to see Read More
    Karen - Staten Island, NY
  • I was determined to find a surgeon where I could be confident I’d done everything to ensure the best outcome. Read More
    Jeanette - New York, NY
  • Dr. David Levine listened to me and understood that running was very important to me and reassured me he would Read More
    Olivia - Tampa, FL
  • Dr. Levine and his PA Lisa were phenomenal. I am back to exercising and happy for it and give thanks Read More
    Maria - New York, NY
  • Dr. Levine was a tremendous help in getting me back to 100%. Without Dr. Levine, his professional expertise, his excellent Read More
    Rob - New York, NY
  • From the moment I entered the facility I knew I was in good hands. It was a clean and cheerful Read More
    William - New York, NY
  • Since the surgery with Dr. Levine in 2013, not only have I been able to resume full work activity but Read More
    Wendy - Rockville Centre, NY
  • He told me that I’d walk if I followed his instructions and I did. Who would have dreamed? Thank you Read More
    Barbara - New York, NY
  • I recently had my 6 month check-up with Dr. Levine. My foot feels better than it has in years. Thank Read More
    Kenneth - Fair Lawn, NJ
  • I credit the revision surgery I had under his skillful and thoughtful care with a huge part of my eventual recovery. Read More
    Meryl - New York, NY
  • The ankle fusion resolved the problem beautifully so that I no longer have any pain in that ankle from the arthritis. Read More
    Eli - Centerport, NY
  • I must admit that it was not fun to be totally incapacitated for 6 weeks and partially incapacitated for another Read More
    Joan - New York, NY
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"Never let your limitations and setbacks stop you from aspiring to your dreams."

Jorge is an athlete who suffered a devastating injury at the age of 16 during a soccer game. His knee dislocated and injured an important nerve that is responsible for flexing the foot up, known as the peroneal nerve. While his knee was stabilized at the time, the nerve never recovered function leaving him with a drop foot. People that have a drop foot have to wear a brace to hold their foot up as they walk so that they don't trip. While some can live this way, an athlete with big dreams of playing soccer at the next level would not be able to compete.

Jorge came to see Dr. Levine about one year after his injury when the determination was made that his nerve was not making a recovery. In order to address this, a tendon that is meant to turn his foot inward was given the challenge to serve a new purpose. Dr. Levine transferred that tendon, re-routing it to the top of his foot.

Jorge returned for his two week visit. The excitement in his eyes was evident when he got that first flicker of movement of his ankle. Over many months, he worked with physical therapists and was able to get strong enough to get back on the field. Now, almost two years later, Jorge will reach his goal of playing soccer at the next level as he embarks upon his collegiate career.


Jorge Speed Ladder from Dr. Levine on Vimeo.

" Thank you, Dr. Levine, for giving me a better quality of life!"

DeenaCoplinI was diagnosed with drop foot syndrome in September 2011. After 1 year of no signs of improvement, I was told that I would not recover and live the rest of my life requiring a brace to walk. I was 33 years old and devastated. Dr. Levine changed that. He performed a tendon transfer procedure and reconstructed other parts of my foot. I am so happy to say that I am now able to walk straight and without tripping over my own foot. Best of all, I don't need a brace! Thank you, Dr. Levine, for giving me a better quality of life! I will be forever grateful.

- Deena, Norwalk, CT


"Not a day goes by that I don’t thank you for my truly functional foot"

"Not a day goes by that I don’t thank you for my truly functional foot. It is hard to believe I have had 6 foot surgeries in 8 years - I imagine if I had met you first I could have just had one surgery on each foot - rather than so many “revisions”. But, no matter, the past is over and I am grateful for every moment moving forward. You and Lisa are quite extraordinary - I truly felt on my last visit that you both were as happy as I was to see those straight bones on the X-ray! What you do is much appreciated."

McCarronA    McCarronB

"Absolutely super guy, great surgeon and brilliant at what he does."

deniseDenise is an active person who has had hallux valgus deformities, also known as bunions, for many years. She lived with them for a long time, but when they became more and more painful she decided to undergo surgery with Dr. Levine. She first did her more problematic side in 2008 and then as the other side became worse, she had that one reconstructed as well in 2012. Here is what Denise thought of her experience:

"I cannot recommend Dr. David Levine enough. He has a great bedside manner which, when you are nervous, is worth its weight in gold. He made me feel cared for and well looked after. Before surgery he came and visited me in what they call the holding area and we went through the procedure (bunion surgery, bunionette surgery) to be performed again. We spoke about the anesthesia and also what to expect after surgery, recovery time, etc.

The surgery went great as expected. I got full range of motion of my big toe on both feet (Yes, I had both done staged). I did not experience any pain. He followed up on me in the recovery room. The one time I needed to speak with him he called me immediately after office hours.

They do say behind every man is a good woman. This scenario is no exception however he's got a few women: Lisa is Dr. Levine's PA and she is fantastic. Jadira, his office manager, is phenomenal, flexible and very responsive and her assistant Gertude is also amazing.

Everyone knows that no surgery should be undertaken without a full awareness of what and why you're having a surgery performed, but once you have made the decision to proceed, I would urge you to contact Jadira to arrange to meet Dr. Levine and put yourself in his very capable hands. You won't regret it. Absolutely super guy, great surgeon and brilliant at what he does." 

-Denise, NYC

She fell 15 feet and suffered multiple injuries...


At the age of 20, Peri found herself in a situation where she had no way out of a building except through the window. She fell 15 feet and suffered multiple injuries as many do when they fall from a height. Thankfully, her back and left foot, although injured, did not require surgery. Her right foot was not so lucky and she broke her heel bone, known as a calcaneus fracture.

Calcaneus fractures are only treated by very specialized surgeons and Peri was lucky enough to find herself in the office of Dr. Levine. Once her swelling came down, Peri was brought to the operating room about a week later to restore her bone to its proper shape and alignment. Screws were strategically put in place and then she was on her way to recovery.

Peri was dedicated to her recovery and was able to rehabilitate to a point where she could return to her activities and start to run again. Within a year of her surgery, she was able to complete a half marathon and was dancing at her wedding a few months after that!

-Peri, New York City

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