Lisfranc Injuries

LisfrancInjuriesWhat is a Lisfranc Foot Injury?

A Lisfranc injury refers to a disruption of the ligaments that stabilize the midfoot. It can occur in varying degrees, with or without fracture. It may be a result of a crushing or twisting injury to the foot. There is often significant swelling and bruising. Bearing weight is usually very difficult.

X-rays and examination of your foot may lead to suspicion of this injury and an MRI is often used to confirm the diagnosis and determine the extent to which the ligaments are injured. If left untreated, chronic instability of these joints may lead to problems in the future, such as arthritis.

Located in New York, Dr. Levine is a foot and ankle orthopaedist that has vast experience in traumatology and reconstructive surgery. Lisfranc injuries are a common injury that he sees and treats with favorable long term results. Although the post-surgical course requires a period of non-weight bearing, we get you moving early and begin rehabilitation to restore your mobility more quickly.

What to expect if you choose to undergo surgery

HSS is a hospital that performs only orthopaedic surgeries. Therefore, we have a highly specialized group of physician assistants, nurses, and anesthesiologists that assist the surgeon during your surgery as well as during the post-operative period to ensure that you receive the best care. Often times you will be able to go home the same day, but some surgeries or medical conditions may require you to stay overnight. Dr. Levine's office staff will help you arrange a day for surgery.

If you live in New York and would like to learn more about Lisfranc injuries or to set up an appointment, contact us today.

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